Insightful, witty, and playful, Dr. Wayne Pernell brings more than thirty-five years of experience as an advisor to entrepreneurs and executives. Leaders who are engaged and focused build on their strengths, define and set strategic pathways, and attain clear success.

Dr. Pernell leverages clarity and focus as foundational elements in building relationships and developing leadership skills, the basis for his DynamicLeader® programs.

Dr Pernell has been seen in Forbes, on Fox and NBC morning television, and is an internationally acclaimed and best-selling Author, Speaker, and Certified High Performance Coach. His work has helped thousands of people across the globe.

Choosing Your Power, his first book, led Dr. Pernell to become a Hay House Featured Author and it continues to receive international acclaim. His second book, written with Brian Tracy, The Winning Way, dives into the concept of Meaning Maker Leadership. He draws on the principles in this writing to lead his clients through key developmental steps for his select masterminds. His most recent book, The Significance Factor (September 2016), focuses on key steps every individual needs to take to transform their life of success to one that truly makes a difference.

After earning his doctorate in clinical psychology, Dr. Pernell began working with organizational leaders and their teams. He has helped leaders in several high-profile companies including Schwab, 3Com, Whole Foods Market, AAA, and Simplex-Grinnell. Having grown up as the son of a dentist, Dr Pernell circled back to help dental professionals get better doing what they do. In addition to growing his DynamicLeader® programs, he has been with Pride Institute since 2005 and now, as the Director of Organization Development and a Senior Consultant, Dr P (as he’s known by his clients and friends) continues to focus on leadership development, helping his clients to break through to even greater success.

Also known as Dr. Wayne or Dr. P, this man of many talents is no stranger to the stage. In addition to coaching and advising individuals and organizations, speaking, and training groups of all sizes internationally, Dr. Pernell is an accomplished magician, having performed locally and across the world to the amazement and delight of audiences of all ages. While not actually performing magic any more, you’re likely to see something magical in everything he brings your way.

And yes, there’s more. He’s a fourth-degree black belt in a multi-disciplinary martial art. For three decades, he taught students to continually assess what options are available so that conflict can be minimized or eliminated. Drawing on concepts from Bushido (the “way of the warrior”), Sensei Wayne helps his clients (and his readers) get through tough spots and reduce conflict in their lives by emphasizing the power of choice, even during extremely high-pressure situations.

Put all that together and you can be assured you’re in good hands. You’ll want to reach out to connect with Dr Wayne Pernell as he continues to achieve break-through levels of personal and professional success with his clients and has become known as The Leader’s Leader!