Doing It Right

When faced with doing the “right” thing, the decision tree is supported by the roots of personal values.  It’s funny, my conversations with clients often lead to my Wednesdays With Wayne posts.  Recently, I was discussion what it meant to do what’s right vs. feeling burdened by the “shoulds” that come from social pressure.  

I found myself falling back on my martial arts roots.  Yes, having started back in 1977 and attaining the rank of fourth degree black belt, there’s a little something in me.  The art of Bushido incorporates multiple disciplines and, translated, it means The Way of the Warrior.  That way is one of peace with a willingness to stand up for what’s right.

Early samurai, the warriors who practiced Bushido, had at their core a code by which they lived.  One of the seven tenets is that of Rectitude – goodness, living in integrity, doing right.  For me, that’s a level that we humans should all aspire to.  Humanity is doing the right thing, not simply being a bystander watching a struggle, but stepping up and stepping in.  The world needs leaders right now.  That’s why several years ago I created the DynamicLeader© Programs.  

As a leader, someone who is watched and followed by others, you’re here to expand your awareness and your level of influence.  

And sometimes the expansion of awareness comes from asking different questions.  Here’s one for you – if Rectitude is doing right, how do you differentiate that from doing everything?  There are thousands… hundreds of thousands of charities to which to give.  Why some and not others?  What makes the difference for you?

The answer here is discernment – you give to some because it’s a part of you.  It’s called from within.  You feel a responsibility because there’s a personal connection.  And that’s why there are hundreds of thousands of charities to endorse.  Each of us has a personal calling and a connection.  

And sometimes it’s not about giving.  It’s about showing up.  Just being present can be what’s needed in any given moment.

If you lived as a samurai, how would your presence be different?  Where would you put your focus if you were truly living as a warrior for peace in this chaotic world?

You’re doing it right if you’re doing what’s right.

Until next time –
Keep making your magic™

~ Dr P ~

Hey… I do have a question for you – would you be interested in an online course that focused on living a warrior mindset, building leadership and influence, every day?  I’m working on one called The Bushido Bias.  I think you’ll like it.  Please let me know if there’s something you’d like me to include as a topic!  When you do, I’ll have a special gift for you!  Thank you!!!

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